10:28 / 20.10.2020
Medical gloves distributed to passengers purchased at the expense of transport companies

The head of the Tashkent Transport Department Anvar Jurayev spoke about the reasons for the introduction of medical gloves on public transport.

“Today, more than 1,000 buses run on 129 routes in Tashkent. The number of passengers on buses is 300,000, and on the subway – 130,000.

Given the high risk of passengers’ contraction the coronavirus, the Russian and U.S. experiences were studied. A requirement to use gloves on buses and subways has been introduced from 19 October, disposable gloves are being distributed to passengers.

The main reason for this is that each passenger spends an average of 20-30 minutes a day in transport. During this period, passengers are provided with free disposable gloves by conductors, drivers and ticketing office. The risk of contracting the disease will be reduced if medical gloves are used,” Anvar Jurayev said at the AIMC briefing.

He noted that every vestibule and station of the metro was monitored, and reportedly, despite the fact that an antiseptic infusion device was installed, the rate of its use was 5-10%.

Also, information was provided on who will pay for the purchase of medical gloves for public transport users.

“Gloves are bought at the expense of transport companies. Each pair of gloves costs 56 soums. At the end of the month, expenses of the metro and Toshshahartransxizmat will be reimbursed by the state,” the representative of the Tashkent Transport Department said.

It should be noted that from October 19, the procedure for passengers to wear medical gloves has been introduced when using the services of public transport in Tashkent (bus, subway, fixed-route taxi). Gloves can be obtained from cashiers, conductors and drivers at the entrance to subway stations, at the exit of buses and minibusses. Also, control measures are being carried out by a special working group consisting of inspectors of the Ministry of Transport and officers of law enforcement agencies.

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