12:13 / 22.10.2020
Ministry of Health launches an Electronic Wait List system for medical appointments

The Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies under the Ministry of Health has developed and introduced an automated information system for unified electronic registration and recording of medical appointments – “Electronic polyclinic” (reg.minzdrav.uz).

Through this system, citizens can register for a doctor’s visit at their convenience, obtain information about a doctor and an institution, and assess the quality of medical services received. The advantages of the system for polyclinics are the possibility of automated registration of data and the maintenance of a single electronic medical card in family polyclinics.

Previously, to make an appointment with a doctor you had to take a leave from school or work, go to a polyclinic, choose a specialist, and get a voucher for a convenient time. The whole process is often time-consuming. Therefore, most people do not rush to seek help from qualified specialists and postpone an examination, which negatively affects their health,” the Ministry of Health noted.

Most of the family polyclinics in the city of Tashkent and regions have already been connected to the system, and the process to connect other polyclinics throughout the country is ongoing.