20:28 / 29.10.2020
Health Ministry launches a Telegram bot for people to obtain COVID-19 test results without leaving their homes
Photo: KUN.UZ

To simplify the procedure for obtaining the results of PCR-testing on COVID-19, the Health Ministry has launched a special Telegram bot @coronavirustest_testingbot.

Previously, a patient who had taken a PCR test was required to come to the lab in a few days to obtain the results. “It created inconvenience for people and they started gathering at laboratories, waiting in queues, losing their time,” the Ministry of Health noted.

Patients who have passed the PCR tests now have the opportunity to get the results without leaving their homes.

To do this, one has to:

• start the Telegram bot @coronavirustest_testingbot
• send the series and passport number in this format “AB1234567”
• enter the date of birth (e.g., 28.10.1990). 

Telegram bot will give the results of PCR-testing on COVID-19 (“Negative” or “Positive”) and will provide a link to download and print the official form with the results of the PCR-test. This form validating the COVID-19 PCR test results also has a QR-code, which makes it much easier to present the test results (for example, at airports).

Today, 40 laboratories are connected to the coronavirus-test.uz system, and the number of such laboratories is increasing every day.