19:52 / 04.11.2020
State budget revenues up by 15.3 trillion soums in Jan-Sept 2020
Фото: KUN.UZ

State budget revenues for nine months of 2020 amounted to 94.5 trillion soums, more by 15.3 trillion soums compared to the same period last year, the Ministry of Finance reported.

As of October 1, tax revenues amounted to 77.3 trillion soums, up by 16.6 trillion soums (15%) compared to the same period last year. The main part of the state budget revenues is generated by the following taxes: VAT – 22.3 trillion soums (23.6% of total revenues), income tax – 19.4 trillion soums (20.6%), personal income tax – 11 trillion soums (11.6%), tax for the use of mineral resources – 12 trillion soums (12.7%) and excise tax – 8.6 trillion soums (9.1%). 

At the same time, the share of large taxpayers accounts for about 48.2 trillion soums of tax revenues (66.3% of the total amount of income administered by the tax authorities).

Receipts from customs payments for 9 months of this year increased by 4.9 trillion soums compared to the same period last year and amounted to 16.2 trillion soums (an increase of 1.4 times). At the same time, customs revenues are distributed as follows: value-added tax – 13 trillion soums, customs duties – 2.2 trillion soums, excise tax – 0.6 trillion soums.