12:15 / 05.11.2020
Customs officers prevent transit of over 172 kg of drugs through Uzbekistan 

Employees of the Sariasiya railway customs post of the Surkhandarya region in cooperation with the State Security Service and the Border Troops identified facts of attempts to illegally transport a large batch of drugs through the territory of Uzbekistan.

At the customs post, customs control was carried out in relation to a freight train arriving from a neighboring state and passing through Uzbekistan. As a result, suspicious scanned images of one of the cars attracted the attention of customs officials.

In the course of careful customs control with the help of service dogs, it was identified that special hiding places were arranged at the bottom of the car with the help of metal sheets.

After opening and examining the hiding places, it was found that there were 23 units of 5-liter plastic containers wrapped in black polyethylene and draped with tape.    

Upon opening 4 containers, 11 kg 987 g of a narcotic substance with a specific pungent odor of heroin and 2 kg 592 g of hashish was found. The remaining 19 containers were filled with dark brown hash oil with a total weight of 81 kg 348 g, which is a concentrated product made from hemp.

In the course of continued operational actions, customs officers of the regional customs administration, in cooperation with representatives of other law enforcement bodies, at the “Darband” railway station in the Baysun district, carried out additional customs control of the train cars. As a result, a cache was found at the bottom of another carriage equipped with exactly the same metal sheets. During the autopsy, 21 units of 5-liter containers were found wrapped in black polyethylene, which were also covered with adhesive tape.

When the containers were opened, it was found out that they contained hashish with a total weight of 30 kg 648 g and hash oil – 45 kg 906 g.   

As a result of the operational measures carried out, the illegal trafficking of a total of 172.5 kilograms of narcotic drugs was timely prevented.       

At present, a criminal case has been opened on the aforementioned facts.