11:43 / 13.11.2020
Plenary session of the Senate scheduled for November 20

The Senate Council of Oliy Majlis held a meeting in Tashkent on November 11.

According to the press service of the Parliament, during the meeting, it was decided to convene the ninth plenary session of the Senate on November 20, 2020.

There are a number of issues planned to be discussed during the videoconference plenary session: the laws “On State Genomic Registration”, “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Uzbekistan for further strengthening the guarantees of the rights and legitimate interests of landowners”, “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Uzbekistan to mitigate the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the branches of the economy and global crisis phenomena”, “On the establishment of the “O’zbekiston Respublikasida xizmat ko’rsatgan geolog” honorary title” and “On the establishment of the Day of Trade Union Workers”.

In addition, the senators plan to review the Cabinet of Ministers’ nine-month report on the implementation of the Strategy of Actions for the “Year of Development of Science, Education and Digital Economy”, as well as the implementation of the law “On the openness of the Activities of State Authorities and Administrations”.

It is also planned to discuss the submission of parliamentary requests to the Cabinet of Ministers on measures to improve the competitiveness of the country’s special economic zones and enhance the effectiveness of medical examinations for young people getting married, the implementation of legislation on ensuring the safety of settlements and economic facilities located in the mountainous areas of the country where there is a risk of flooding, mudslides and landslides.

The results of parliamentary inquiries addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers on measures to ensure the protection of the rights of Uzbek citizens temporarily working in Russia, the state of horticultural and wine-growing societies and the improvement of their organizational and legal bases, the problems in the process of encouraging the population, especially young people, in doing sports, conditions for the development of women’s entrepreneurship and the problems concerning waste and its impact on public health are also planned to be discussed.