20:33 / 16.11.2020
Ministry of Public Education wins the case against ex-deputy Kobil Dusov

The court ordered former MP Kobil Dusov to refute his remarks about the system of the Ministry of Public Education (MPE).

The lawsuit between the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan and former MP Kobil Dusov has ended, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

On November 16, the Chirchik inter-district civil court ruled in favor of the Ministry of Public Education.

According to the decision, Kobil Dusov must now drop his accusations and apologize to the ministry for what he said about the MPE on social networks.

Dusov and his lawyers stated they were dissatisfied with the decision and would appeal.

It should be recalled that Kobil Dusov posted a video on social media criticizing the system of the Ministry of Public Education, using the word “traitor” 10-15 times in relation to officials of the system. The MPE, in turn, filed a lawsuit seeking a rebuttal and an apology, calling it a breach of the organization’s business reputation.