19:45 / 18.11.2020
Chamber of Accounts opposes reducing financial incentives for employees of budgetary organizations

The draft law “On the State Budget of Uzbekistan for 2021” and the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber on it have been published.

Photo: KUN.UZ

The draft submitted by the Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce:

- payments from the Material Incentive Fund in budget organizations, except for educational institutions, by 5%;

- payments from the director’s fund to employees of educational institutions by 4%.

The conclusion of the Accounts Chamber states that the above reductions should not be introduced, given that in 2020 the indexation of salaries of public institutions’ employees is lower than the inflation rate (expected inflation is 11.5%) and their real incomes have decreased by at least 10%.

The Chamber of Accounts considers it expedient to direct 550 billion soums, which are optimized as a result of a 10% reduction in the number of staff of public organizations and government agencies, and 1,313.4 billion soums of budget transfers in excess of the need for state trust funds to the Fund for Material Incentives for employees of budgetary organizations.