12:10 / 18.11.2020
Deputy Minister explains why Uzbekistan has moved from 12 to 11 years of schooling 

Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Murodilla Kholmukhammedov explained why Uzbekistan reintroduced the 11-year general compulsory free education instead of the 12-year one under the 9+3 scheme.

According to Kholmukhammedov, 9 years of education is compulsory at the request of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

“Continuing it further (9-, 10-, 11- or 12-year education) is decided by the states themselves. In doing so, they stem from their own education policies.

The 12-year education is mainly valid in European countries. But abroad, the main indicator is assessed by children’s competence (knowledge, skills and abilities and values that are sufficient for the purposeful performance of tasks specific to a particular age).

Let me give you an example. You know, IELTS test results are accepted in many countries. If you go with this exam certificate, you will not be asked where and for how many years you studied at a particular education center.

Developed countries require 12-year education to meet international standards.

The main essence of the reform in this sector is to ensure quality in education,” the Deputy Minister said at a press conference on November 16.

In his speech, Kholmukhammedov noted that secondary education is one of the main foundations for ensuring the quality of education, and therefore, the concept of reintroducing 11-year schooling was approved. He also listed the shortcomings of 12-year general compulsory education under the 9+3 scheme.

“Education is planned differently in developed countries. Curricula are also different. Both the teacher and the pupil are primarily tasked with the outcome of the learning. No matter how many years you work, you have to achieve this goal.

We now all realize that if the foundation is strong, the next stages will be easier to continue. I think if we set a target, we will achieve the goal,” Kholmukhammedov said.