22:21 / 03.12.2020
Japan Digital University established in Tashkent

According to the Ministry of Justice, Japan Digital University has been established in Tashkent.

One of the main objectives of the University is to train competitive specialists in information and communication technology, software development, information systems and network management, as well as in other areas of the economy.

The university is considered a non-governmental higher education institution.

The teaching process at the university is organized in Japanese and Uzbek on a fee-for-service basis.

The University offers full-time and distance education programs for undergraduate students.

The amount of the tuition fee will be determined by Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd. (Founder).

Every year, at least 10 students with high-performance, those from families in need of social protection will be admitted to the University on a scholarship basis (full tuition fee waiving).

Graduates will receive a dual diploma.