14:53 / 08.12.2020
Pension Fund reveals misappropriation of money by employees of JSCB People’s Bank

Following the appeals addressed to the Pension Fund, cases of late payment of pensions by mobile cash desks of JSCB People’s Bank were revealed, the Pension Fund told Kun.uz.

For instance, a resident of the Uychi district, Namangan region, A.Kh. appealed to the Pension Fund’s Helpline complaining about non-payment of the pension for September even on November 6.

An examination of the application revealed that several citizens did not receive their pensions for September. However, it was registered in the mobile cashier of the People’s Bank that pensions were distributed to them.

After applying to the Pension Fund, the citizen’s pension was paid on November 7 this year. Also, a resident of the Khatirchi district, Navoi region, G.B. appealed to the Pension Fund’s Helpline on delays in the payment schedule.

During the examination of the appeal, it was found that the employee of the mobile cash desk of JSCB People’s Bank marked the pension as “paid” in the program, in fact, the pension was not paid unreasonably.

An employment contract has been terminated with employees who misappropriated the money.