10:41 / 16.12.2020
Media: Employees of budgetary organizations to be paid financial incentives from January 1, 2021

The calculation of payments to employees of budgetary organizations from the special fund of financial incentives, the fund of financial incentives of universities and the fund of principals will continue from the coming year.

Photo: KUN.UZ

From January 1, 2021, payments to employees of budgetary organizations will continue to be calculated at the expense of the Special Fund for Financial Incentives, the Fund for Material Incentives of Universities and the Fund of Directors, Kun.uz correspondent reports. 

The calculation of financial incentive payments was suspended until January 1, 2021, by a government decision to ensure the stability of the state budget for 2020 and optimize spending.

Employees from medical and social institutions as well as orphanages are exempt from it. 

According to Kun.uz source at the government, there is no plan to continue the practice of suspending incentive payments for public service workers in the coming year.

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