12:00 / 30.12.2020
UzAuto Motors accuses mass media of deliberately defaming the company, causing huge financial losses

UzAuto Motors official has said that the company suffered huge financial losses due to “fake” publications on a number of media outlets. He accused news media websites and bloggers of defaming the company deliberately.

As the press service of the joint-stock company reported, some articles on the media “distributed on special requests” negatively affect the reputation of the national brand and the country’s economy.

“The distribution of such materials led to huge financial losses in August-September this year, reducing the company’s daily revenue by about 30-40 billion soums. In two months, losses amounted to 562 billion soums,” the statement says.

According to company representatives, due to these losses the JSC “could not pay” certain taxes and other social payments to the state budget

“Such publications on social networks aimed at deliberately defaming the company negatively affect the investment attractiveness of Uzbekistan and raise doubts among many investors,” UzAuto Motors JSC emphasized.

The press service also said that the company planned to attract investments in the amount of 150 million euros, but certain articles published on the media had a negative impact on this process.