21:58 / 02.01.2021
Bukhara to host international azan competition “Minorai Kalon”

According to a draft presidential decree, starting from 2021, Uzbekistan will organize the International Pilgrimage Tourism Week on an annual basis.

The draft presidential decree “On measures to further develop pilgrimage tourism in Uzbekistan and create favorable conditions for pilgrims” has been announced.

In accordance with the “roadmap” for the reception of foreign pilgrims from far abroad and neighboring republics and the creation of favorable conditions for them, it is planned to hold cultural and educational events on pilgrimage tourism in Uzbekistan.

In particular, measures will be taken to organize the following international events:

•  “Shamoili Muhammadiya” international competition at the Imam at-Termizi Complex in Termez;
•  Introductory classes for teachers and students of foreign religious educational institutions in Bukhara madrassas;
•  “Islamic Calligraphy and Painting” competition in Bukhara, which will be followed by the “Gallery of Islamic Calligraphy” and the international azan competition “Minorai Kalon”;
•  International scientific-educational conference “Spirit of the Silk Road”; 
•  International Conference to study “History of the most ancient and rare manuscripts of “Sakhikhi Bukhari” in world libraries”;
•  Conference “On modern research of the scientific heritage of Imam Moturidi” in Tashkent;
•  Conference of Central Asian Scholars “Abu Muin Nasafiy” in Karshi;
•  Conference “On the contribution of Termizi scholars to Islamic and world civilization” in Termez.

It is planned to organize and hold the International Pilgrimage Tourism Week every year starting from 2021, as well as the festival “Sounds of Sufism”, the forum “Alumni of the Mir Arab Madrasah”, the festival of young designers “Modest fashion show”.

A draft document on the implementation of these measures should be developed in March 2021. The responsible bodies for its development and implementation are the Committee for Religious Affairs, the State Committee for Tourism Development, the Muslim Board, the Center for Islamic Civilization, the Bukhara regional administration, the Academy of Arts, the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.