12:01 / 05.01.2021
Young woman and her 10-year-old child die from gas poisoning in Khorezm

On January 4, at about 19:30, a family of four was hospitalized due to gas poisoning in the Bogot district of the Khorezm region.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Health Ministry, a young couple and their two children suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.

When they were brought to the emergency department, the woman (born in 1989) and one of the children (girl, born in 2011) were diagnosed with biological death.

The man (born in 1989) and the other child (boy, born in 2013) are now receiving medical treatment for acute poisoning and brain tumor.

Such cases are not rare in the autumn-winter season due to the incompetency of gas supply authorities. Sadly, several dozen people die in winter trying to use hand-made gas appliances as they have no other means to heat their house in the cold.