21:41 / 07.01.2021
Pension Fund tells who will have pensions and housing allowances delivered to their homes

The Pension Fund of Uzbekistan has reminded which categories of persons receive pensions and housing allowances from special branches of the People’s Bank.

According to the press service of the fund, people with group I and II disabilities who are unable to travel independently will have pensions, allowances and other benefits delivered directly to their place of residence by a branch of the People’s Bank.

It is noted that the branches of the People’s Bank are taking measures to deliver pensions, allowances and other payments to the above-mentioned persons earlier than the prescribed period.

In May 2020, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan called the system for delivering pensions and benefits through the People’s Bank “ineffective”.

A responsible official of the Central Bank, Abrorkhoja Turdialiyev, said that pensioners should be able to choose the serving bank independently.

During the lockdown period, following the transfer of pensions to bank cards, many pensioners experienced problems. Some have not yet received a bank card, others have not been able to receive a pension at the specified time or cash out.