18:46 / 12.01.2021
Abdukarim Mirzayev released

Abdukarim Mirzayev, a well-known Uzbek journalist living in Turkey, has been released. A relevant statement has been posted on his Telegram channel.

Mirzayev was detained in Istanbul on the night of December 11 on suspicion of having links to “persons suspected of committing crimes”.

The allegations against the journalist were not confirmed, but the order on his deportation was still not canceled, and the journalist was kept in the deportation department.

On January 5, Abdukarim Mirzayev’s lawyer Mahmud Said Arslan published a statement on social media.

According to the lawyer, on December 10, by order of the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office, a search was carried out in the house of Abdukarim Mirzayev, his phone was checked. The prosecutor conducting the investigation did not even take the suspect’s testimony, since not a single dubious fact was revealed proving his participation in any crime.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Uzbekistan reported that no case has been opened against Mirzayev.