22:47 / 20.01.2021
Minister of Energy comments on power and gas supply interruptions

At a briefing on January 19, Energy Minister Alisher Sultanov commented on power and gas supply interruptions when the air temperature drops.

According to him, people start using additional electrical appliances to heat their home whenever air temperature drops and gets cold. It leads to power outages at places. Continues use of gas causes a decrease in natural gas pressure.

“As a result of using various non-standard devices by consumers, a lot of energy is lost in vain. If it continues this way, we cannot ensure the continuous supply of gas and electricity, no matter how much we increase production. I would like to ask consumers to cooperate in this matter. We have all the opportunities to cope with the coming 10-day cold,” the minister said.

Earlier, Alisher Sultanov noted that 2,318.7 million kilowatt-hours of electricity would be supplied to consumers in 10 days.