19:19 / 17.02.2021
Electricity suppliers to pay more than 400 million soums to farmers in Samarkand

The judge of the Samarkand City Economic Court Hamrokulov, spoke about the outcome of the trial related to the loss of an early harvest in the Kattakurgan district.

According to the materials of the case, the LLC “Kattaqoʼrgʼon Valijon parranda” and the “Murodullo Bobo-N.F.M.” farm purchased greenhouses from credit funds to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. They concluded an agreement with the regional plant for the provision of electric power to greenhouses. According to the agreement, the farmers were paying for the supply of electricity. However, on November 18, 2020, without any warning, the supply of electricity was cut off and the harvest died as a result of freezing.

On the same day, the entrepreneurs, with the participation of representatives of the local khokimiyat, bank, internal affairs agencies and other specialists, drew up an act on material damage. The Kattakurgan District Prosecutor’s Office, submitted claims to the Samarkand City Economic Court on the basis of the material collected.

As a result, the court demanded the Samarkand branch of Regional Electric Network Enterprise to pay 88 million soums to the LLC “Kattaqoʼrgʼon Valijon parranda” and more than 332 million soums to “Murodullo Bobo-N.F.M.” farm.