16:21 / 26.02.2021
Uzbekistan lifts ban on holding international exhibitions and fairs

A relevant resolution came into force on February 20 but the Commission has announced it only today.

Reportedly, the decision was taken after consultations with the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Health.

According to the MIFT, the following requirements have been set for the organization of international exhibitions and fairs:

  • the organizer must ensure control over the observance of epidemiological procedures at all stages of the activities organized on the territory of the republic with the involvement of employees of the sanitary-epidemiological service on a contractual basis;
  • all participants will be required to wear a protective mask;
  • at the entrance to the event, all participants are required to go through the process of measuring temperature using pyrometers (persons with signs of high temperature or infectious diseases are not allowed to participate in the event);
  • the distance between the expositions should be at least 3 meters wide;

For information, in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted on March 23, 2020, all types of public events in the country were suspended.