23:07 / 16.03.2021
How much money do Uzbeks need to live a happy life?

Researchers at Purdue University (the United States) have announced the Price of Happiness index for over 160 countries.

“They say you can’t buy happiness – but money can help prevent you from being unhappy. A reliable, comfortable income salves your worries and just makes life easier. Poverty is stressful and leaves long-term damage,” the experts noted.

According to the study, a resident of Uzbekistan needs to earn $21,960 a year to be happy.

Life satisfaction is most expensive in Bermuda ($143,933), due to a cost of living that’s 47% higher than New York City.

Happiness is cheapest in the petite South American country of Suriname – $6,799.

Also, the price of happiness in Kyrgyzstan is $8,997, in Kazakhstan – $14,607, in Tajikistan – $22,850 and in Turkmenistan – $50,393.