11:51 / 22.03.2021
Wearing a mask on public transport becomes compulsory in Bukhara

The Bukhara regional transport department said that traveling on public transport and non-route taxis without a mask will be banned and strict measures will be taken against those who do not follow the rules.

The department called on citizens to strictly adhere to the quarantine rules established by the Special Republican Commission when using public transport and non-route taxis, to wear masks and maintain social distance in the public transport.

“Experience has shown that only strict adherence to sanitary rules and mandatory wearing of a mask can help prevent the spread of the disease. We call on citizens to adhere to the above requirements unconditionally in order to jointly fight the spread of the infection and to stand firm against it,” the report said. 

It was also noted that instructions and explanations were given to drivers on compliance with quarantine rules, traffic safety. Passengers without a medical mask will not be allowed to use public transport services.

Earlier, Kashkadarya had introduced the same rule on public transport use. Compliance with quarantine requirements on public transport has also been strengthened in Tashkent.

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