12:25 / 30.03.2021
Uzbekistan presents tax benefits to private partners involved in reconstruction of republic's airports

The presidential decree “On measures to develop Public-Private Partnership in the field of airport management” has been adopted.

Фото: KUN.UZ

In accordance with the decree, the airports in Uzbekistan will be reconstructed, modernized, operated and managed on the basis of a Public-Private Partnership.

Reportedly, for the implementation of the planned work, the following benefits will be provided for three years:

- private partners will be exempt from paying customs duties for imported special vehicles, road construction equipment, machines, raw materials, spare parts, components, assemblies, technological and project documentation, as well as software;

- they will be exempt from paying the recycling fee for imported vehicles and special equipment;

- private partners and airports will pay income tax, including income tax withheld upon payment of dividends, in the amount of 50 percent of the established rate;

- the established property tax rate for airports will be reduced by 50 percent.