20:40 / 29.04.2021
President approves job creation program for 2021

By the decision of the President of Uzbekistan, the state program for creating new jobs and promoting employment in 2021 has been approved.

The program includes the creation of 457,127 new jobs, promoting employment for 513,575 citizens and encouraging employers.

Also, it determines the employment of 281,289 unemployed citizens for vacant and reserve jobs.

According to the decree, subsidies, benefits and microcredit in the following amounts will be allocated in 2021 to promote employment: 92.3 billion soums (allocation of subsidies), 65.1 billion soums (payment of unemployment benefits), 40.6 billion soums (covering the costs of vocational training, retraining and advanced training), 125 billion soums (resources allocated to commercial banks for the implementation of small projects for the creation of new jobs).

The Temporary Informal Work Offices of the Regional Employment Promotion Centers under the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations have been transformed into the Center of casual labor.

The Center registers and maintains a database of job seekers, receives applications for the employment of citizens for temporary work.

The Center provides employment services to temporary workers, regardless of their place of residence (extraterritorial), with registration as job seekers.