18:23 / 08.05.2021
Kazakhstan becomes main importer of Uzbek cars 

Cobalt was the best-selling car in the neighboring republic in March.

Almost all cars exported by Uzbekistan are being purchased by Kazakhstan, follows from the State Statistics Committee data.

In the first three months, the country exported cars for $87.4 million, of which $82.6 million falls on the share of Kazakhstan.

Ukraine is in second place ($1.5 million), the third is Afghanistan ($1.3 million). The TOP-5 included Kyrgyzstan ($963.3 thousand) and Azerbaijan ($444.7 thousand).

Compared to the same period last year, exports increased by $51 million.

Previously, it was reported that Cobalt became the best-selling car in Kazakhstan in March. Almost every fourth new car sold that month was produced by UzAuto Motors.