20:22 / 24.05.2021
Deputies propose changes in procedure for calculating pensions

At a meeting of the National Revival Democratic Party, the deputies heard a report of the Cabinet of Ministers on the use of the state budget and budgets of state trust funds for 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

As noted, Article 31 of the State Pensions Act stipulates that any five consecutive years during the last ten years of employment will be considered when calculating pensions, regardless of the available work breaks.

The National Revival Democratic Party deputies were dissatisfied with such procedure and proposed taking into account any labor activity, not only the last ten years.

Recently, the President raised the issue of introducing a funded pension system. However, to date, the pace of introducing this system is slower than expected, parliamentarians say.

The faction announced that it would initiate the hearing of relevant information on this issue during question time.