19:52 / 28.05.2021
Akmal Burkhonov: Draft law on mandatory disclosure of assets and income being prepared

The law on the disclosure of assets and income of public officials will soon be published for open discussion.

This was stated by the director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Akmal Burkhonov at a press conference on May 26, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

“A law on the asset and income declaration has been developed and we are planning to publish it for public discussion. The project was created on the basis of proposals of international and foreign experts.

Last week in an interview with a Kun.uz correspondent, I provided detailed information on the matter. The work in this direction has not stopped yet. The head of state raised the issue of accelerating the introduction of this procedure. However, there are also technical aspects – along with the adoption of the law, there is also a need to create a whole system,” Akmal Burkhonov said.

The disclosure of assets and income

“In the course of considering international experience, we identified that this should be only the public official himself and his or her spouse, and in some cases – children. There are some proposals that, based on our mentality, we should also declare the income and assets of father-in-law, mother-in-law, and, if necessary, siblings of the husband (wife). But there is also inviolability of property: why should honest people publish their assets and income, because of their sons-in-law or fathers-in-law?

We are considering this issue now. Soon, the bill on the disclosure of assets and income of civil servants will be provided to the public,” he said.

In early January, it was reported that the Anti-Corruption Agency had drafted this law and sent it to the Presidential Administration.

The project proposed to declare the assets and income of public officials at all levels, including the president.

Akmal Burkhonov in an interview with Kun.uz announced that the declaration procedure will enter into force in 2022.

If the draft decree developed by the State Tax Committee is adopted, the procedure for mandatory declaration of income and assets for senior tax officials may be introduced from July 1, 2021.