18:30 / 12.07.2021
Kabulov: “Russian diplomats working in Hairatan moved to Uzbekistan”

Russian diplomats who worked in Hairatan (Afghanistan) moved to Uzbekistan for security reasons.

This was announced by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan, director of the second department of Foreign Ministry for Asia, Zamir Kabulov, TASS reports.

He also said that the situation in Afghanistan is alarming.

“Alarming, yet predictable. What we’ve forecasted is happening,” Kabulov said.

Kabulov added that a new meeting on the Afghan peace settlement will take place when all conditions are created.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reported that Russia is ready to organize a meeting on an Afghan peace settlement, to provide a platform for dialogue between the Afghan parties if requested.

The security situation in Afghanistan deteriorated significantly in April this year after President Joe Biden announced that US troops were leaving the country.

As of July 6, the United States had almost completed the process of withdrawing its troops. At the same pace, other NATO states and their partners are withdrawing their contingents from this country.