18:02 / 21.07.2021
Several frauds suppressed by SSS and law enforcement agencies 

Attackers who demanded “kickbacks” for criminal mediation are caught red-handed by law enforcement officers.

The head and legal adviser of a construction LLC with 4 accomplices demanded 4 percent of the 65 billion soum contract for overhaul in one of the military units of the Ministry of Defense in Tashkent from the head of another construction company and requested $30 thousand in advance.

The perpetrators were detained red-handed when receiving money during an operational event conducted by the SSS department of the Tashkent region, the regional prosecutor’s office, and the territorial department of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes.   

The preliminary investigation established that these individuals also intended to offer construction facilities commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, with a total value of 110 billion soums, to two customers from Surkhandarya.

A similar case happened in the Tashkent region – two citizens conspired with the head of one of the private homeowner associations in the Chinaz district and a citizen who previously worked in the private homeowner association demanded $25 thousand from the representative of the construction company for granting the right to carry out construction and installation work for 5 billion soums in multi-storey buildings located in this area.

During the operational action, they were detained upon receipt of $10 thousand as an advance payment.

Further, a resident of the Tashkent region, who had previously worked in the internal affairs bodies, in collusion with his accomplice, gained the trust of a Tashkent resident and demanded $13 thousand for assisting in his admission to the Sergeant Training School at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through his acquaintances working in the internal affairs bodies.

Fraudsters were detained by the law enforcement officers when receiving $6 thousand.

A resident of the Sardoba district of the Sirdarya region turned to the Agrobank district branch to receive a loan of 240 million soums under the “Every Family – Entrepreneur” program to organize a car maintenance center. However, bank employees delayed the allocation of a loan under various pretexts.

During an operation, an intern of the Sardoba district branch of Agrobank was detained when receiving $2 thousand out of 24 million soums requested for assisting in the allocation of the loan.

Criminal charges have been filed against perpetrators under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code; investigations are ongoing.