11:31 / 18.09.2021
Uzbekistan Railways JSC denies rumors about demolition of the Museum of railway equipment

Recently, one of the domestic Internet publications in its article has raised the topic that the Tashkent Museum of Railway Technology is allegedly on the verge of extinction.

Photo: meros.uz

“This is not the first time this rumor has spread, and it is not the first year. Only this year, a number of journalists have repeatedly contacted the Information and Analytical Media Center (press service) of Uzbekistan Railways JSC with this question. All the necessary information was provided for them, meetings with the management of the museum were organized, conditions for video and photography were created,” Uzbekistan Railways JSC said.

The company noted that the Tashkent Museum of Railway Technology at the Central Palace of Culture of Railway Workers of the Uzbekistan Railways JSC works as usual. It does not close and is not moved anywhere. 

“The museum staff carefully store the exhibits, and the management of the Uzbekistan Railways JSC supports and makes every possible effort to preserve this unique exposition,” the message reads.

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