10:22 / 22.09.2021
Finance Ministry launches a platform for distribution of government subsidies

The State Unitary Enterprise “Information and Computing Center” of the Ministry of Finance has created a special electronic platform subsidiya.mf.uz.

This e-platform is one of the processes of further improving the youth support system, promoting their employment, stimulating entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives, creating additional conditions for them to receive a decent income, creating work in this area to a new level, the Ministry of Finance said.

The e-platform also provides citizens with transparency in the distribution of subsidies, compensations and other benefits from the state budget, as well as preventing bureaucracy and corruption in this process and directly informing officials and citizens about problems.

Today, for ministries and departments that do not have electronic platforms, personal accounts have been created through the subsidiya.mf.uz web application. It allows them to enter information about the types of subsidies and keep abreast of the application.

Currently, with the help of this electronic platform, in cooperation with 18 ministries and departments, work has been carried out to electronicize the process of obtaining 83 types of subsidies, integration with the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations and the Agency for Youth Affairs.

Moreover, at present, together with the relevant government agencies and organizations, measures are being taken to integrate into the e-platform and ensure the availability of this system for all government agencies and organizations.