16:29 / 01.11.2021
Uzbek student takes third place at international Quran competition in Bishkek
Photo: t.me/alquranuz

Khabibullah Olimjanov, a student of the Tashkent Islamic Institute, took the third place at the International Quran Competition in Bishkek. The press service of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan reported about this.

On October 30, the capital of Kyrgyzstan hosted the I International Quran Competition with the participation of Quran reciters of the CIS republics.

At a competition held at the “Imam Sarakhsiy” mosque in Bishkek under the motto “Spring of the Quran”, Quran reciters from the CIS countries competed in reciting the Quran according to the Tajweed rules.

Khabibullah Olimjanov, a student of the Tashkent Islamic Institute named after Imam Bukhari, who took part in the competition on behalf of the reciters from Uzbekistan, took the third place among the reciters from 11 countries.

Photo: t.me/alquranuz

Ibrokhim Mallaboyev from Kyrgyzstan and Usmon Zulpukhargaddiev from Dagestan took the first and second places, respectively. In addition to the representative of Uzbekistan, Imanali Mirzageldiyev from Kazakhstan also awarded the third place.

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