12:17 / 13.12.2021
Uzbekistan increases raw cotton harvest

This year, the raw cotton harvest in Uzbekistan increased by 422 thousand tons compared to 2020, the president said in his congratulatory message to agricultural workers.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to Mirziyoyev, the negative impact of the ongoing pandemic all over the world, as well as the absence of rains in the spring, the excessively hot summer, even more noticeable than in previous years, the lack of water resources – all this was another “test of the resilience of our farmers.”

“But, despite the existing problems, hardworking farmers were able to get a rich harvest in all sectors, to reach higher levels compared to previous years, and this is certainly worthy of special attention,” the president noted.

This year, the republic harvested more than 20 million tons of fruits and vegetables, about 7.4 million tons of grain, over 3.4 million tons of raw cotton, produced 23 thousand tons of silkworm cocoons, 2.6 million tons of meat, more than 11 million tons dairy products, 8.3 billion eggs and 400 thousand tons of fish.

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