17:59 / 23.12.2021
Uzbek cities with most expensive housing prices announced

In terms of cities, the highest prices for housing were recorded in Tashkent ($753 per square meter), Samarkand ($553) and Navoi ($418).

Photo: Kun.uz

The Center for Economic Research and Reforms analyzed changes in demand in the real estate market of Uzbekistan.

In November 2021, 22.5 thousand real estate contracts were concluded in Uzbekistan, which is 4% (21.6 thousand) more than in September. This figure increased sharply compared to November 2020 (14.4%) and November 2019 (40.6%).

In October-November, the highest growth rates of demand were observed in Surkhandarya (22.9%), Namangan (17.3%), Khorezm (14.3%) regions, while decreases were observed in Andijan (14.1%), Samarkand (6.6%) and Tashkent (3.7%) regions.

Average housing prices in the secondary market rose 1.2% in November compared to October. The largest increase in prices was observed in Tashkent (3.2%), Samarkand (3.1%) and Khorezm (3.0%) regions, while in Navoi (1.4%) housing prices decreased.

In terms of cities, the highest prices are in Tashkent ($753 per square meter), Samarkand ($553) and Navoi ($418) cities, while the lowest prices are in Nukus ($277), Karshi ($289) and Gulistan ($289) cities.

In Tashkent, the average price of housing in the secondary market increased by 1.3% compared to the previous month. The largest growth was observed in Mirzo Ulugbek (3.5%) and Mirabad (3.2%) districts, while the lowest growth rates were observed in Uchtepa (0.1%), Bektemir (0.7%) and Yashnabad (-0.6%) districts.

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