12:26 / 28.12.2021

Petrol prices drop slightly in the stock exchange

Over the past week, the prices for gasoline decreased by 4.8%, cottonseed oil – by 0.8% and sugar – by 1.3%.

Photo: TASS

From 20 to 26 December, goods worth 2 trillion 302.9 billion soums were sold on all trading platforms of the Republican Commodity Exchange of Uzbekistan, which is 5.6% more than in the previous week.


During the period under review, the average daily prices for gasoline AI-80 dropped from 8 million 151.3 thousand soums to 7 million 762.3 thousand soums per ton (down by 4.8%).

The average weekly price for AI-80 gasoline was 7 million 914.2 thousand soums per ton.

Cottonseed oil

The average daily price for all types of cottonseed oil decreased from 15 million 745.9 thousand soums to 15 million 616.9 thousand soums or 0.8% per ton of product.


Prices for sugar declined from 7 million 864.9 thousand soums to 7 million 759.9 thousand soums per ton (1.3%).

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