16:59 / 07.01.2022
Uzbekistan attracted $8.6 billion in foreign direct investment in 2021
Photo: MIFT

The total volume of utilized investments in 2021 amounted to 254 trillion soums with a growth rate of 109 percent in relation to 2020, of which foreign direct investments amounted to $8.6 billion, the MIFT press service reported.

In the reporting period, within the framework of the state investment program, 318 large investment projects worth $5.9 billion were implemented, and within the framework of regional investment programs – 15,710 projects worth $7.4 billion. 

In total, due to the implementation of these projects, more than 275 thousand new jobs were created. 

The results of the work carried out to “rehabilitate” the idle and not fully loaded production facilities were considered. 

Photo: MIFT
Photo: MIFT

At the end of the past year, the activities of 2,040 idle and not fully loaded production enterprises were studied and specific measures were taken to provide financial support to entrepreneurs and solve existing problems. 

As a result, 1,908 enterprises (94%) established production with full capacity utilization, which allowed the domestic industry to additionally produce products worth 4.1 trillion soums, carry out additional exports worth $184 million and restore about 25 thousand jobs. 

Photo: MIFT

Also, 152 units of unused technological equipment were put into operation, which in turn made it possible to create 1,257 new jobs.

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