11:37 / 21.02.2022
Law enforcement bodies reveal 437 crimes related to theft of agricultural land

A regular meeting of the Senate Committee on Information Policy and Ensuring Openness in State Bodies was held.

Photo: Senate press service

At the meeting, information was heard from the director of the Cadastral Agency under the State Tax Committee on the work done to ensure the openness of the activities of the Cadastral Agency.

At the meeting, attention was focused on the state of enforcement of legislation relating to land relations. The information noted that work was organized on constant interaction with the Prosecutor General’s Office in order to suppress cases of corruption related to land relations, which is the cause of discontent among the population and the public.

In particular, in the period from January to December 1, 2021, law enforcement agencies in the republic revealed 437 crimes related to the theft of 10,042 hectares of agricultural land, and the issue of responsibility of the perpetrators was fundamentally resolved.

Photo: Senate press service

In addition, in 233 cases, officials and other land owners were detained at the scene of a crime in the fraudulent sale of 5,904 hectares of land for $75.5 million. Or in 76 cases, it was revealed that as a result of the illegal use of 3,110 hectares of land, state and public interests were damaged by almost 1,409 billion soums.

During the discussion, the senators also stressed that it is more important than ever to ensure the openness of state bodies and the effective implementation of public control.

It was noted that openness in this direction is yielding results. The more open and transparent the system is, the better officials will feel responsible to the public, and their responsibility in the decision-making process will increase.

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