14:39 / 03.03.2022
An individual arrested in Chinaz on suspicion of organizing “financial pyramid” 

SSS arrested a citizen suspected of organizing a “financial pyramid” in Chinaz district, Tashkent region.

It is alleged that citizen A.N., born in 1979, was also convicted in 2016 of committing this type of crime. He was then sentenced in 2017 by a court ruling for engaging in taking money, cars and other valuables from citizens on the condition that he multiply and return them a few months later.

“Although he was released under an amnesty in December 2021, he did not draw the right conclusions from his mistakes, but continued his old illegal activity,” the report said.

At the time of his release, A.N. gained the trust of another person. Then, the criminal valued the Spark car he was driving at $6,500 and demanded an additional $2,000. He said he would repay a total of $17,000 during 10 months (by paying $1,700 each month) instead of the borrowed $8,500.

He was detained by employees of the Tashkent Regional SSS Department, the Regional Department for Combating Economic Crimes and the Regional DIA while taking a Spark car and $2,000 from the citizen.

As a result of the initial investigation, it was found that along with the above case, A.N. received $94,000, 4 cars and 54 head of livestock from a total of 12 citizens. The total cost of cars and livestock is 394 million soums.

A criminal case under Paragraph “b” of Article 168-3 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed repeatedly or by a dangerous recidivist) has been initiated.

A precautionary measure in the form “imprisonment” was applied against A.N.