14:21 / 08.03.2022
Tajikistan to resume normal operation of checkpoints on border with Uzbekistan

The decision was made in connection with the normalization of the epidemiological situation in Tajikistan.

Photo: Sputnik

“From March 15, 2022, the border crossings between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will resume normal operations,” the anti-coronavirus staff of the republic said in a statement.

Citizens of the country and foreigners entering Tajikistan will need to present a certificate with a negative result for coronavirus from the country of arrival, which is valid for 3 days.

It is noted that a re-check at checkpoints across the state border of Tajikistan is not required.

The decision was made “in order to normalize the epidemiological situation in Tajikistan and further strengthen economic and social ties with the countries of the region.”

“Certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 issued by health authorities and institutions of Uzbekistan, as well as other CIS countries, are officially recognized,” the report says.

Tajikistan also abolished the mandatory wearing of masks and allowed weddings and other national ceremonies to be held in accordance with the set rules.

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