15:49 / 19.03.2022
SSS officers detain over 10 drug dealers in a number of regions (video) 

SSS officers carried out operational activities in a number of regions, during which they detained more than 10 drug dealers.

Photo: Frame from video

In particular, a native of Tajikistan was detained while smuggling 5 kg 817 grams of hashish at the Uzbek-Tajik state border in the city of Almalyk, Tashkent region.

In the Fergana region, a 29-year-old resident of the Rishtan district was detained, who, at the instructions of two citizens (born in 1985 and 1990) was heading to the Akhangaran district, Tashkent region, with 2 kg 678 grams of hashish. These drugs were also smuggled into the country by a Tajik drug courier.

It is reported that law enforcement officials also detained the customer.

Another case was identified in the Samarkand region. A resident of the Denau district, Surkhandarya region, brought 883 grams of opium to his customer in the Taylak district. Both were detained.

Another drug dealer was detained in Tashkent. During the search, a resident of Chirchik was found to have 926 grams of opium.

On the same day, his brother was also detained, 369 grams of opium were found in his apartment.

In the course of investigative actions, it turned out that these narcotic substances were previously smuggled from the Republic of Tajikistan to the territory of the Tashkent region.

Two more drug dealers were detained in the Kashkadarya region. Residents of the Surkhandarya region (born in 1985 and 1987) were detained while transporting 514 grams of opium from the Denau district to the Kasan district.

During an operative event carried out in the Andijan region, a resident of the Khodjaabad district (born in 1990) was detained while selling 4,480 units of Lyrica and 895 units of Tropicamide (potent drugs) for $20,000.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated on these facts under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Investigative actions are being carried out.