15:44 / 26.03.2022
Changes coming into force from April 1 announced

Kun.uz website highlights some changes in the legislation of Uzbekistan that will come into force on April 1, 2022.

•  Driving licenses issued before 2010 will be considered invalid.
•  Those who report cases of illegal logging will be rewarded with 270,000 soums.
•  Dividends received by individuals from shares will be exempt from income tax.
•  Some kindergartens will be allowed to adopt children from 2 years old.
•  Elderly people living alone will be treated free of charge in sanatoriums once a year.
•  A mechanism for guaranteed procurement of localized pharmaceutical products will be introduced.
•  A new model of medical surveillance and patronage will be introduced for early detection and targeted monitoring of endocrine diseases.
•  In some industries, the social tax rate will be set at 1%.
•  Manufacturers of national musical instruments will be given tax breaks.
•  The procedure for issuing a medical certificate of death will be abolished.
•  Requirements for the websites of ministries and departments will be strengthened.
•  The minimum amount of disability benefits for disabled citizens will be increased.
•  When concluding a contract with UzAuto Motors, the procedure for registration of the car in the name of the person who entered into the contract shall come into force.
•  Rewards will be paid to those who report violations in the field of public financial control.
•  A social tax rate of 1% is levied on shoe manufacturers.
•  Individuals will be reimbursed for the cost of training courses in the field of fish farming in households.
•  “Remote electronic declaration” customs posts will be established in all regions.

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