17:32 / 05.04.2022
Germany wants to hire Uzbek nurses for more than $2,500

Medical college graduates will also be hired. The cost of teaching German and teaching materials will be reimbursed.

Photo: Ministry of Health

According to the press service of the Agency for External Labor Migration, under a cooperation agreement between the agency and the Swiss organization Globogate Recruiting GmbH, a program has been developed to attract experienced mid-level nurses to German medical institutions.

Requirements for candidates:

- not older than 39 years, nurses with at least 2 years of continuous work experience in the field of treatment (candidates in the field of dentistry, teaching and medicine are not accepted);
- nurses with at least 2 years of experience in any department of a hospital or clinic and willing to work in psychiatry in Germany to work in a psychiatric department;
- must be graduated from medical college/technical school (diploma of 3 years only);
- ability to care for patients;
- must participate in German language courses in Tashkent for 10 months (only successful candidates from the 2-stage competitions will participate in the program);
- candidates do not work while attending German language courses;
- have to successfully pass the exams of the Goethe Institute in Tashkent.

Citizens wishing to participate in the project will be provided with free accommodation, a study room and a monthly stipend in Tashkent.

Globogate Recruiting GmbH also covers the following costs and guarantees the services:

- German language teacher and teaching materials;
- Taking the language level exam at the Goethe Institute in Tashkent;
- Translation and approval of documents;
- Obtaining a visa and employment in Germany for candidates who have successfully completed the training program;
- Air ticket from Tashkent International Airport to Germany and transfer from the airport in Germany to the place of work;
- Working conditions are the same as German nurses (from €2,300 per month ($2,530), pension, insurance, vacation) and constant support throughout the entire process.

One can register to participate in the project via this link.