21:55 / 08.04.2022
A man detained in Samarkand for paying $250,000 for synthetic rubies

In addition, precious and artificial stones worth almost 120 million soums and almost 1.5 kg of gold jewelry were found in two other regions.

Photo: Customs Committee

According to the press service of the Customs Committee, a man was detained in Samarkand while selling 181 carats of rubies for $250,000. Upon examination, it was discovered that these stones were synthetic stones.

A person trying to smuggle 118 million soums worth of precious and artificial stones was detained at the “Ayritom” border checkpoint in Surkhandarya.

Moreover, at the Fergana airport, a person who illegally distributed 239 pieces of gold jewelry weighing 1 kg 120 gr to passengers on a plane was detained.