16:51 / 12.04.2022
Conducting business for foreign doctors and specialists simplified in Uzbekistan

In particular, the fee for the right to carry out activities is reduced, the requirement to conduct master classes, medical procedures for doctors who have arrived for a short period of time is cancelled.

Photo: Getty Images

According to the presidential decree, for doctors who are foreign citizens, who are not included in the category of highly qualified and qualified specialists, the fee for issuing a confirmation of the right to work in Uzbekistan is reduced.

Thus, the amount of the fee is reduced by six times – up to 5 BCAs (1 million 350 thousand soums).

In addition, foreign specialists arriving in Uzbekistan for up to one month in order to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, implement experience exchange programs, conduct master classes and give lectures, as well as improve the skills of employees, do not need to obtain confirmation of the right to carry out labor activities.

The following fees and requirements are also waived:

• tourist (hotel) fee collected by medical institutions from foreign citizens and stateless persons who do not have a permanent place of residence in the territory of Uzbekistan.
• requirement for certification of tourist services for medical institutions (with the exception of sanatoriums and boarding houses).

At the same time, medical institutions keep records of arrivals in e-form through an automated special electronic program.