18:30 / 28.04.2022
Uzbekistan to raise minimum age for gun ownership

At the Senate plenary session, the law “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the improvement of legislation on weapons” was considered.

According to the parliamentary press service, in addition to firearms, the law gives permission to own pneumatic, gas, signal, bladed, throwing weapons and electric shock devices.

However, there is no liability in the legislation for the illegal possession of the above non-firearms.

The new law provides for amendments to two existing codes and six laws. In particular, the functions of state regulation and control over the circulation of weapons and ammunition for them are transferred from the National Guard to the internal affairs bodies. Criminal and administrative liability is provided for the illegal circulation of non-firearms or violation of the rules for circulating weapons.

The age limit for the right of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan to receive civilian hunting weapons and ammunition for them is set at 25 years (in the current legislation - 21 years).

In addition, it provides for a ban on the donation of civilian weapons and ammunition to it. The law was approved by senators.

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