14:27 / 16.07.2022
Ministry of Energy asks consumers to use electricity as sparingly as possible

On July 17-22, due to the intensification of hot air entering the territory of Uzbekistan from the regions of Iran through Turkmenistan, the temperature is expected to rise to 47 degrees Celsius in some areas during the day.

Due to the sudden increase in air temperature, the demand for electricity also increases sharply. As a result, power grids and transformer points may increase load and network failures may occur.

According to the press service of the Energy Ministry, measures are being taken by the Ministry and all organizations in the system to ensure stable supply of energy resources to consumers during the days of a sharp rise in air temperature.

These days, backup power units are added to power generating stations. In order to improve the quality of electricity supply, more than 2,000 kilometers of power transmission lines and more than 330 transformer points have been updated since the beginning of this year.

More than 17,000 kilometers of low-voltage power transmission networks and about 6,000 transformer points, more than 600 kilometers of 110-500 kV power transmission networks and 7 power transformers have completely been repaired.

Reportedly, 24-hour duty teams have been established at all power stations. In order to prevent and eliminate emergency situations in electric networks, 227 anti-accident brigades working day and night in the regions were established.

“In order to prevent malfunctions that may occur due to overloading of electrical devices as a result of anomalous temperature warming in the republic, we ask consumers to use electricity sparingly, as well as rationally use cooling devices as much as possible, disconnect electrical devices from the network if not necessary.

With a proper understanding of this situation, we will prevent the long-term failure of electrical devices and make a worthy contribution to the stable delivery of energy resources to all consumers,” the ministry said in a statement.

It is noted that, in such cases, in the world experience, the government appeals to the people about rational use of energy resources and reducing electricity consumption as much as possible.

Consumers are asked to contact the short number 11-54 or the administrator on Telegram (@HET_admin) regarding electricity supply.