10:24 / 19.07.2022

Volleyball Federation squanders large budget funds 

On this fact, the Prosecutor General’s Office initiated a criminal case.

The Prosecutor General’s Office, together with the responsible departments, studied the targeted use of funds allocated from the budget of the Uzbekistan Volleyball Federation, the PGO press service reported.

During the audit, it was found that the responsible persons squandered budget funds on an especially large scale. According to the order of the former Minister of Physical Culture and Sports, the Federation was allocated 445 million soums to conduct a 23-day training camp for 54 athletes.

In fact, training camps were held for only 10 days, as a result of which 231 million soums were misappropriated.

It also turned out that 29 athletes who were not included in the national team and its reserve were sent to various sports camps, for which 75 million soums were allocated. It is alleged that this amount was spent unreasonably.

It is reported that according to the results of the pre-trial check, it was possible to compensate for part of the damage, namely 120 million soums.

On this fact, a criminal case has been opened. An investigation is underway.

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