16:15 / 05.08.2022

Ministry of Agriculture announces minimum prices for raw cotton

The minimum prices for 1 ton of raw cotton grown in Uzbekistan were announced, taking into account the prices formed in the world market, the proposals of responsible ministries and agencies.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the minimum price of medium fiber grade cotton raw material is 10,025 thousand soums including VAT, and the minimum price of 1 ton of thin fiber grade cotton raw material is 15,120 thousand soums including VAT.

Based on the recommended minimum price, cotton raw material producers and cotton raw material receivers independently set cotton raw material prices within the framework of contractual relations on the basis of a mutually beneficial agreement.

Reportedly, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, the Council of Farmers and Land Owners, and the Uztukimachiliksanoat association have been assigned the task of announcing the minimum prices for cotton raw materials based on the analysis of world market prices.

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