18:41 / 05.08.2022
Senate rejects 4 laws in one day

Senators rejected 4 laws at the plenary session held on August 4. In total, the rejection of such a bill was unprecedented in the history of the Senate.

Photo: Senate of Oliy Majlis

At first, the Housing Code was not approved by senators. According to lawmakers of the Upper Chamber, the Code does not specify the procedure for the jurisdiction of local authorities to grant housing in the state housing fund to legal entities based on the terms of the lease agreement, which creates conditions for abuse of authority and other corruption cases. Also, the mechanism of application of a number of other norms is not sufficiently revealed in the document, therefore it is necessary to improve it.

The Senate members also objected to the law, which allows couples to marry at any time without waiting for a period of 1 month after passing the mandatory medical examination. They found that the proposals for introducing this norm were not sufficiently substantiated. 

The law on increasing the amount of the fine for violators who breach the requirement of a protection order from the current 300-900 thousand soums to 1.5-3 million soums was also rejected. Senators said that according to the UN recommendations, imposition of fines on the perpetrators of domestic violence should be considered as a burden on the victim.

The fourth law that was rejected is related to the electronicization of the court system. According to it, it was envisaged that the announced sentence will be placed on the official website of the court in the form of an e-document, and its link will be sent to the defendant in the form of an SMS message or e-mail. Lawmakers argue that this system has a dangerous aspect: if an e-link spreads on the Internet, information written in court orders and people do not want others to see can become public. Senators expressed the opinion that this system should be experimented before introducing it on the republican level.

Legal notice: Rejected bills can be passed without Senate approval

According to legislation, the law rejected by the Senate is returned to the Legislative Chamber. The Senate and the Legislative Chamber may establish a conciliation commission on the returned law.

If the recommendations of the reconciliation commission are accepted, the law will be revised at the Legislative Chamber and sent to the Senate for approval. If the Senate does not approve the amendment of the agreement commission during the review of the previously rejected law, the law is considered rejected and it is returned to the Legislative Chamber.

If the Legislative Chamber disagrees with the Senate’s decision to reject the law, the law will be voted on in its previously adopted version. If at least two-thirds of the deputies approve the law again, the document is considered accepted by the Oliy Majlis and is sent to the President for signing and promulgation by the Legislative Chamber.

Of course, the probability of the above legal processes occurring in practice cannot be considered high.

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