17:06 / 12.08.2022
Another financial pyramid that collected 17 billion soums from citizens disclosed in Tashkent

It is reported that one of the founders of the financial pyramid, who promised houses and cars to almost 300 customers, took the money collected from people and fled abroad.

The “Rayyona Qutlug” company, whose office is located in Tashkent, promised to provide houses and cars, actively attracted funds from the population, but did not fulfill its promise within the specified period. According to Xabar.uz, on August 4, one of the founders of the financial pyramid withdrew money from the company’s account and fled abroad. About 300 investors suffered from the company’s actions.

Victims report that they made payments, on average, 4-5 thousand US dollars for a car and 15-17 thousand US dollars for a house, while often other members of their families and spouses did not know about it.

Akmal, victim, from Kashkadarya region:

- I learned about “Rayyona Qutlug” from the Internet. It didn’t seem reliable to me at first. But after coming here and seeing the way they treat customers, I became more convinced, because payments were going through the bank, some of the customers received their houses and cars. In addition, the fact that the company offered its services on the terms accepted in Islamic finance also convinced me of the reliability of the enterprise.

They told me that their company has been on the market for 4 years. Now we have learned that it was opened 8 months ago. Now it turns out that one of the leaders took all the money from the bank and fled to Azerbaijan.

On August 1, I made an initial contribution of 120 million soums for a house, with the condition of payment within 10 years.

Ozoda, victim, from Surkhandarya region:

- I brought the money that we saved for the children’s wedding. Since they said that there was no interest, I brought all our savings without my husband’s permission to make him a gift.

When I came here and saw people paying $20,000 for a house, I believed it. I have five adult children and paid a total of $5,000 in a small loan out of the money we were saving for their weddings. Now I have lost that money.

Mukaddas, victim, from Tashkent:

- We also learned about the company through the Internet. At first we didn’t believe it, but people here treated us specially and talked about their services convincingly. As a result, we sold our house and paid an initial fee of 170 million soums for an apartment of 90 square meters. I have three sons. My husband and I wanted to expand the house. We were told that if we want, we can buy an apartment in a high-rise building, or a house on the ground. We were glad that our problem was so easily solved, there were such caring people...

Mukaddas says that Gulyamov Zafar, one of the leaders of the company, who fled with money (he introduced himself to clients as Abdullokh), corresponded with her on Telegram that very day. The screenshots provided to us show that Gulyamov Zafar, who reportedly fled to Baku, assures her that he is in India due to health problems, she should not worry and  everything will be fine.

According to Farkhod Mirakhmedov, the lawyer of the current head of the firm Erkin Egamberdiyev, Zafar Gulyamov founded “Rayyona Qutlug” LLC on January 10, 2022 and managed it until March. On March 17 this year, he handed over the management of the company to Erkin Egamberdiev, who is currently in Tashkent, and managed the company’s work unofficially.

On August 4, Gulyamov sent Egamberdiyev to Moscow under the pretext of meeting with partners, and he himself, by transferring money to bank cards of company employees, withdrew all the money and went abroad.

“Gulyamov also had the necessary key to withdraw money from the bank. During the initial study, we found out that the total turnover of the company amounted to 17 billion soums. The last time an attempt was made to withdraw 40 million soums was on August 8. Currently, Egamberdiyev’s bank accounts have been blocked,” the lawyer says.

The Orginfo.uz website states that “Rayyona Qutlug” LLC was registered on January 10 of this year, the authorized capital is 400 million soums, the founder is Erkin Egamberdiyev, and the head is Ulugbek Jumaboyev.

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